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SICI Workshop Report

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Workshop on
Role of Academic Librarians in Promoting Canadian Studies
(16th - 17th December 2007)
Indore, India

Organized by
Indian Institute of Management, Indore

Workshop Report

Prepared By
Kishor Chandra Satpathy
Librarian & Workshop Coordinator
Indian Institute of Management, Indore
Prabandh Shikhar, Rau-Pithampur Road
Indore – 453331, India

Organizing Committee


· Dr. S.P. Parashar, Director, IIMI
· Ms. Sarmistha Roy, Director, SICI

Workshop Coordinators

· Mr. Kishor C. Satpathy, IIM, Indore
· Ms. Rangashri Kishore, SICI, India

Background & Introduction:

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) New Delhi organized SICI Librarian’s Workshop on “Role of Academic Librarians in Promoting Canadian Studies” during 16th and 17th Dec. 2007 at IIM, Indore. The Workshop brought together over 28 participants from all over India. Two participants from Canada also attended the Workshop. The Workshop provided an opportunity for face-to-face interaction, deliberating on emerging issues and challenges in Librarianship, sharing member’s focus of work, sharing best practices of member Libraries and strategizing on the future course of action for the SICI Librarian’s community.

The Workshop attempted to explore the possibilities for strengthening the SICI Librarian’s network and chalk out an action plan for the coming years.

The brief report, newspaper clippings and snapshot of the Workshop is available at

Inaugural Session:

Mr. K.C. Satpathy, Coordinator of the Workshop extended a warm welcome to all the participants. After a session of brief self-introduction of participants, Mr. K.C. Satpathy Coordinator set the agenda for two days detailing the objectives of the Workshop activities planed and expectation from each session.

Ms. Sarmistha Roy, Director SICI, New Delhi welcomed all the participants and gave introductory remark emphasizing the role of SICI in promoting the Indo Canadian relationship.

Prof. S. Narang, Vice President, SICI in his presidential remark emphasized on active participation and better networking among the participating libraries.

Prof. S.P. Parashar, Director, IIMI in his remark highlighted the role of librarian in promoting the SICI activities.

Ms. Moninder Bubber, Chair, Library Programme Advisory Committee (LPAC) Canada, in her address brought greetings from the Canadian colleagues and outlined the activities of LPAC Canada and explained how both committees could work together to support the research needs of scholars in both countries.

Prof. Posh Chark, Chair LPAC, India updated the participants on the LPC activities and progress of last two years.

At the end of inaugural session Mr. K.C. Satpathy proposed a formal vote of thanks.

Technical Sessions:

During the technical sessions, the following papers were presented and the outcomes of these interactive sessions are given at the end of this report in form of recommendations.

Session I
* Overview of CS Library by Rangashri Kishore
* Overview of Canadian Studies Programme by Prachi Kaul

Session II
Role of SICI Librarian Network by Moninder Bubber
Ordering of Canadian Studies Materials by Prof.Posh Chark and Rangashri Kishore

Session III
Group Discussion in 4 groups on Inter-lib loan, Ordering of books, Reference services, promotion of CS etc Coordinated by Mr. Earl Chodin, Executive Director, SICI, Canada

During the group discussion, it was unanimously decided that there should be a small committee with the following members to prepare a blue print action plan / vision document for networking of member libraries. The committee should submit its proposal / report by 15th Sept. 2008.

The committee will have the following members:

* Dr. Sudhir K. Arora – University Librarian, IGNOU, New Delhi: Chairman
* Mr. K.C. Satpathy, Librarian, IIM, Indore: Member
* Dr. V.K. Anand, Librarian, Panjab University, Chandigarh: Member
* Dr. V.D.Shrivastava, Librarian, Assam University, Silchar: Member
* Dr. J. Panigrahi, Librarian, Berhampur University, Berhampur: Member
* Prof. Posh Chark – Chair of LPAC India
* Ms. Moninder Bubber – Chair LPAC Canada

Session IV
Best Practices and Overviews of Indian Institutions:

1. Overview of IIMI Library by Mr. Kishor Satpathy
2. Madras University Library by Dr. R. Vengan
3. National Open and Distance Learner’s Library and Information Network (NODLINET) /by Dr. Sudhir K. Arora
4. Punjab University Library by Dr. V.K. Anand
5. IIT Roorkee Library by Mr.Yogendra Singh

Issues Raised by Participants:

1. Clear channels of communication among all parties, including the Chair, Steering Committee, directors (faculty), designated Shastri librarian for an institution, Canadian Studies Librarian (SICI, Delhi Office), etc.
2. Clarification of roles between the “Canadian Studies Directors” (faculty) and the designated Shastri librarians for an institution.
3. Development of guidelines and procedures for programs, selection of materials, making purchase request, housing, cataloguing, dissemination and resources sharing (inter library loans) of Canadian Study Collections.
4. Need for opportunities for professional development and networking.
5. Opportunity to interact with Canadian library colleagues.
6. Professional Librarian to Chair LPAC India.
7. E-publishing possibilities through SICI.

Valedictory Session and Feedback from Members:

Prof. Prabin Panigrahi, Chair, LISC, IIM Indore; Prof. Posh Chark, Ms. Moninder Bubber addressed the participants in the valedictory session. The participants were first requested to provide their feedback.

Mrs. Rangashri Kishore formally proposed a vote of thanks she also thanked the participants, SICI and IIMI for supporting the SICI activities.

Feedback from Participants about the Librarians’ Workshop:

“SICI should arrange orientation programs, workshops and seminars every year.”

“The workshop was very useful and had lot of information about procurement of Canadian books in India and creating librarians network in India”.

“The two day workshop …was an excellent one. The academics and professional content of the workshop was commendable. The presentations & deliberations were praise worthy.”

“Well organized. More resources for librarians could have been covered, overview of Canadian Studies Centres and services. Good presentations by SICI staff and committee members.”

“Got a chance to interact with member institutes & to know about Shastri Institute.”

Election of LPAC (India):

At the end of the two-day workshop the election was held for LPAC (India). After a detailed deliberations the following member were unanimously elected for the Library Program Advisory Committee (India).

Mr. D Jotwani
IIT Bombay
Powai, Mumbai-400076

............Representative IIT’s

Mr. Kishor Satpathy
IIM Indore
Rau-Pithampur Road, Indore-453331

................Representative IIM’s

Dr. Sudhir K. Arora
University Librarian
New Delhi-110068

....................Representative of Central University

Dr. R Vengan
Madras University Library,
Chepauk, Chennai – 600005

....................Representative of Central University

Dr. V D Shrivastava
Assam University, Silchar - 788011

........................Representative of North Eastern Region

Prof. Posh Charak
Dept. of English
Jammu University, Jammu



During the workshop, the March 2006 report, “Building the Shastri Librarians’ Network Project” by Moninder Bubber, Chair LPAC Canada, (55 p.) was circulated. It was well appreciated by the participants. The report was very exhaustive and covered almost all the aspects of SICI library activities that need to be addressed. Therefore members requested that SICI implement the recommendations of the last workshop. Apart from that the following recommendations came out of discussions during the workshop.

1. Collection Development

- It was suggested that SICI should strengthen the library collections.
- SICI should explore with the member institutions possibility of exchange of publications.
- Make available books on Canada and by Canadian scholar.
- The librarians should have a free hand in selection of materials related to Canadian Studies and exchanging materials published by the parent organizations.
- Develop a union catalogue with holdings of Canadian Studies materials of member institutions.
- Provide e-resource search service to all researchers of Canadian studies.
- Market SICI books/journals to users.
- Access to E-Journal should be made available through IP-based authentication.
- SICI should develop a library consortium.

2. Training and Professional Development Programmes

Organize training programs/workshops/seminars/Lecture Series on the emerging ICTs.
Organize awareness programs in their parent institutions at least once a year.
Librarians need some training in modern technology in India/Canada.
Introduce Staff exchange programs for librarians between India & Canada.
Training and Capacity Building
Organize periodic meetings / conferences with librarians from both countries.
Organize a joint workshop with participants from Canada & India.

3. Canadian Studies Center

* The Center should play the active role in promoting Canadian studies.
* Ideally the SICI Books/Journals should be in the central library of an institution rather than in the Canadian Sutdies Center. In the absence of this, a listing of the books held at the Canadian Studies Centre should be made available either though the institution’s Library Catalogue or through a list made available in the Library.
* Books/Journals be placed of a central place for the users for better access and use of the materials.
* It was suggested that Canadian Studies corner should be strengthened. To this there may be a need to provide some furniture, consumable items, Internet connectivity and at least one Project Assistant / Trainee to manage the things / Manpower (staff) to look after the Canadian Studies Center’s Library.
* Develop guidelines for collections management in Canadian Studies Centres.
* Provide small financial assistance for maintaining the collection of Canadian Study Centre.
* Provide human resource for managing the activities of the center and looking after the library.

4. Services

* Formalize Inter Library Loans (ILL) program / service to share the resources of the SICI and member libraries.
* Coordinate with bodies like INDEST, INFLIBNET for creating effective networking within India, and with the Library Archives Canada (LAC) in Canada
* Modus operandi (Operational details for ILL to be formulated)
* Develop the infrastructure to support the ILL network.
* Developing the network of the libraries and formalize inter library loan service and Librarians should provide CAS and SDI services

5. Library Programme Advisory Committee (LPAC) India

- Develop clear guidelines for the Library Program Advisory Committee and the LPAC Executive India
- Review of the Library Programmes and operations.
- Develop guidelines for building collections, providing service, and ILL
- Develop mechanism for measuring usage of Canadian Studies resources. This is to provide information to the Canadian funding agencies that the materials being provided are needed by Indian scholars and are being well used.
- The librarians should meet periodically for solving the problems, if any.
- Organize meetings at least once in a year and review the progress made in the recommendations made in the previous meeting and its implementation to the fullest satisfaction of the members.
- It was strongly recommended that a librarian should chair the Library Programme Advisory Committee (LPAC) India and should be included as a permanent member to the Indian member council of the SICI.
- It was observed that there was no library committee meeting held in 2006 after the initial meeting of Indian librarians in November of 2005. It was strongly recommended that the Library Program Advisory Committee should meet at least twice in a year.
- To review of the Library Programme with the staff of India office.
- Mobilize the Library Programme Advisory Committee (LPAC) India.

6. Marketing and Promotion

- Promote Canadian studies through proper display of books and journals.
- It was suggested that SICI should prepare some poster promoting some library activity, which could be kept in prominent locations to publicize Canadian studies resources.
- SICI publications should be displayed in the library.
- To discuss how Shastri Institute could be more proactive about publicizing the current publications by Shastri scholars.
- Marketing of library services needs to be taken seriously to improve usage of library resources.
- To start a newsletter covering the activities of the SICI.

7. Networking

- It would be possible if the resources of the SICI as well as member libraries were automated so that scholar could have free access to the resources of the SICI Library as well its member libraries.
- Strengthen the Librarians’ Network.
- Compile a directory of all academic librarians in Canada and India incorporating their telephone no. Office, residence, mobile and e-mail ids.
- Start a Shastri Librarians networks list serve in India, moderated by a librarian, to flout queries and resolve issues and arrive at a consensus. (Note: since the workshop, this has already been started by Mr. Kishor Satpathy).
- Strengthen linkages between the member university librarians in India and Canada.
- Develop a website for Shastri Librarians’ Network.
- To blog all accessible sites related to SICI India & SICI Librarians network (Note: Since the workshop, Mr. Kishor Satpathy has already created a blog:
Start an e-discussion to develop a strategy.

8. General Recommendation

- Recognize the importance of the role that librarians can play to support the research and scholarly needs of the scholars
- Communicate all informational materials from SICI to librarians.
- Provide financial aid to organize the programs/activities.
- Develop mechanisms to create awareness among the librarians regarding Canadian Studies and Shastri Institute activities
- Create a web portal from which scholars could access information about Canada
- Work out a program to bridge the gap between the Directors of Canadian Centers and Librarians.
- Librarians of a member institute should be involved in SICI library activities.
- Librarians need to be encouraged and take up knowledge management roles in their organizations.
- Sharing of best practices of libraries through SICI Workshop could become an annual feature and should be documented.
- A consortium of SICI Libraries is needed to support the research needs of scholars.
- Mobilize the Library Programme Advisory Committee (LPAC) India.
- Funding for library resources needs to be increased.
- SICI should fund for organizing Workshop such as “How to Publish an Open Source journal.”
- For better coordination between the entire member institutions, start by identifying the needs and requirement of each member institution with regards to Canadian Studies.
- The Canadian Studies Center collections should be made a part of the library to make it more accessible to the users


I would like to thank SICI India for sponsoring the workshop and IIM Indore for the technical support.

I thank Ms. Moninder Bubber, Chair, LPAC, SICI Canada for her feedback and making necessary correction in the report. I appreciate Ms Rangashree Kishore & Dr. Sudhir K Arora for their suggestions.

I am greatful to Prof. S P Parashar, Director, IIM Indore & Prof. Prabin Panigrahi, Chair, LISC, IIM Indore for their constant support & encouragement.

I would also like to thank the entire library team of IIM, Indore for their constant support and specially Ms. Aparna Choubey, Library Trainee for her secretarial assistance in preparing the report.

Annexure A


Role of Academic Librarians in Promoting Canadian Studies
Library Workshop of LPAC India, 2007 (16th and 17th of December), IIM Indore

16th Dec 2007
10:30 – 12:00
Inaugural Session
12:00: 12:10
12:10 to 12:40
Session I - Introduction of Delegates
12.40 to 1.10
Session I - Overview of CS Library by Ms. Rangashri Kishore
1.10 to 1.20
Session I - Overview of Canadian Studies Programme by by Ms. Rangashri Kishore & Ms. Moninder Bubber
1:20 to 2:15
2:15 to 2: 45
Session II - Role of SICI Librarian Network by Ms. Moninder Bubber
2: 45 to 3: 30
Session II - Ordering of Canadian Studies Materials by Prof. Posh Chark and Rangashri Kishore
3: 30 – 4:00
Tea and Break out session
4:00 to 4:20
Overview of India Studies Book Acquisition Programme by Ms. Moninder Bubber
4:20 to 5:00
IIMI Library Tour
17th Dec 2007
9:30 to 11:00
Session III - Group Discussion in 4 groups to discuss Inter-lib loan, Ordering of books, Reference services, promotion of CS etc Coordinator – Mr. Earl Chodin, ED, SICI Canada
11:00 – 11:15
11:15 to 12: 15
Session IV - Canadian Studies reference services: Best sites and sources for references by Ms.Moninder Bubber
12:15 to 1:15
Session IV - Best Practices and Overviews of Indian Institutions by Delegates
1:15 to 2:15
2: 15 to 3:00
Feedback & Conclusions by Prof. Posh Charak
3 to 3:15
3:15 to 4:00
Election of LPAC in India by Prof. Posh Charak
4: 00 to 4:15
Vote of Thanks by Ms. Rangashri Kishore and Mr. Kishor Satpathy

Annexure – B

List of Participants

Dr.V D Shrivastava
University Librarian
Assam University, Silchar - 788 011

Ms.Shreyasi Parikh
Deputy Librarian
IIM, Ahmedabad, 380 015

Dr.R Vengan
University Librarian
Madras University
Chepauk, Chennai – 600005

Ms. Bharati Sen
SNDT Women’s University
Nathibai Thackerey Rd., Mumbai-20

Dr. Payarelal Dogra
Assistant Librarian
Panjab University

Dr. V.K. Anand
University Librarian
Panjab University

Dr. D Jotwani
IIT Bombay

Prof. Posh Charak
Dept. of English
Jammu University, Jammu

Dr. Anuradha Sharma
Dept. of English
University of Jammu, J&K

Ms. Leea K.
Senior Assistant Librarian
Institute for Social and Economic Change, Nagarabhavi
Bangalore 560072

Mr. I D Sharma
H. P. University
Summer Hill, Shimla-171 005 (HP)

Dr.P.P. Ajayakumar
Redear in English, IDE
Kerala University
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala- 695034

Prof. A.S. Narang
Vice President
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
5 Bhai Vir Singh Marg
New Delhi, India-110001

Ms. Sarmistha Roy
Director, India office
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
5 Bhai Vir Singh Marg
New Delhi, India-110001

Ms. Rangashri Kishore
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
5 Bhai Vir Singh Marg
New Delhi-110001

Mr. Naresh Roy
Programme Coordinator
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
5 Bhai Vir Singh Marg
New Delhi, India-110001

Ms. Zakiya Tasnim
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
5 Bhai Vir Singh Marg
New Delhi, India-110001

Dr. Jyotirmoy Panigrahi
Berhampur University
Berhampur- 760007, Orissa

Mr. Earl Choldin
Executive Director
SICI Canada

Mrs. Moninder K Bubber
Chair, LPAC
SICI Canada
Simon Fraser Uni. Library, Canada

Dr. G.C. Kendadmath
Sr. Asstt. Librarian
Central Library, Banaras Hindu University
Varanasi- 221005 (UP)

Dr. Sudhir K Arora
University Librarian
IGNOU, N.Delhi-110068

Mr.Yogendra Singh
Librarian, Central Library
IIT Roorkee-247667 (Uttaranchal)

Mr. Kishor Chandra Satpathy
Indian Institute of Management
Rau-Pithampur Road
Indore-453331 (MP)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Photos of SICI India Library workshop held on Dec.16-17, 2007 at IIM, Indore

Tribute to Dr. R. Vengan, Member of SICI Library Network …..

Tribute to Dr. R. Vengan, Member of SICI Library Network …..

Dr. R. Vengan, Librarian, University of Madras & the Member of SICI Library Network ….. expired on 14th Monday at 4.30 PM due to heart attack. With deep sense of grief and sadness, the IIM Indore Library & SICI Library Network condole the sad and sudden demise of Dr R Vengan, the member of SICI Community.

I deeply express my heart-felt condolences. I still remember the discussion he had with all of us in my Chamber about the Vastu Shastra……….!!

May his soul rest in peace. Let us pray the almighty to give strength to his family members to bear the great loss. God be with them.

With high regards,

Kishor Satpathy